The most winning casino games

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The online casino industry is an entity the scale of which is mainly measured by two things – the number of players and the number of games. Even today, people are trying different games in hopes of finding a title that will example a “low-loss, high reward” behaviour. Although most online casino titles are considered to be quite balanced, there are some that will have better odds than others, which will make them appear as they are the most winning casino games.

Determining the Theoretical Generosity of a Game Depends on a Few Factors

The “house edge” is a theoretical percentage that shows the inherent advantage of a casino’s game. Single-digit percentages are considered to be normal in the industry. Almost every game has a “return to player” rate (RTP) which is the theoretical calculation of a player’s winnings, over the specific course of time. Having said that, the general rule of thumb states that the most winning online casino games are those that have the smallest house edge and the highest RTP rate.

Blackjack Is an Excellent Example

When it comes to a low house edge, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Blackjack is at the top of our list. Industry experts speculate that with the use of a proper betting and playing strategy, players can bring down the house edge down to 0.72%, which is incredibly low. Although the outcome of every draw statistically pre-determines the final result for the player, Blackjack is a type of game that can somewhat be affected by the player’s decisions.

Winning Games With an “Unaffected” Outcome

Slots are the most favoured and played casino games in the world, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that the second feature in our list will be a particular slot title called “Goblin’s Cave”. Produced by the company Playtech, this slot game is said to have an RTP rate of 99.32%, making it the best-paying slot game in online casino history. It is worthy of mentioning that the majority of online slots have an average RTP rate of 91-95%, which makes any game with an RTP of 99% and up to be an example of the most winning games in online casino history.

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French Roulette Is Considered to Be Profitable by Many

When it comes to comparing roulette table layouts, the French and European types look nearly identical. And while the European version of the game has an approximate 2.7% house edge, in French roulette, it is 1.35%. The reason for this, are the rules that apply to the “0” pocket. We all know that a ball falling in the zero pocket usually means a losing bet, however in French roulette, players that have placed a wager on an “even” number will receive half of the bet’s amount if the ball lands on zero. It is because of that, not many casinos offer French roulette in their gaming rosters.

Video Poker – Skill Might Affect the Outcome

In a game where a player’s actions may determine the outcome in their favour, there is always a chance that a well-executed strategy can result in winnings. The fact that players get to “hold” the cards of their choice in video poker can result in the decreasing of the house’s edge to a mere 0.5%. This, however, may only be possible in specific video poker games, that have their own unique payout odds and winning combination rules.

The Players Define the Winning Games

As you’ve already noticed, the games that are considered to feature a bigger winning chance for the players are those where their actions may influence the outcome of the game. They can be a part of the game’s mechanic or rely solely on the way that a bet is placed. Although games with completely random processes such as slots may feature a high RTP rate, they are still operating on a completely random principle, meaning that the bet amount and lines chosen by the player won’t affect the reels spins. The best way to determine which would be the most winning game for you is to try for yourself – there are free versions online of all the games listed here!

The most winning casino games
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