Are online casino sites rigged?

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Since the concept of gambling was created, both the hosts and players have tried to figure out a way to gain an unfair advantage over one another. While there are countless cases where fraud was committed on the grounds of land-based casinos, with the introduction of online gambling, both the players and operators managed to function in a significantly more secure environment. Today we examine whether or not online casino sites are rigged and also a few of the cases that have allowed either the operator or a player to gain a temporary advantage via unsanctioned means.

Exploiting Bugs in the Software

When it comes to online gambling, it is the players themselves that are most likely to try and cheat the casino than the other way around. Some time ago, there were cases where people would try to find a flaw in a specific game, that allowed them to influence the outcome – this was done by implementing a specific sequence of betting patterns that made the game behave in a much more generous manner. A significant amount of time has passed since then, and both online casinos and software developers have learned from such mistakes – this is why there haven’t been any such cases for the past few years.

Less Than Reputable Live Dealer Providers

Live casino service giants such as Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are renowned for having proper relationships with the industry and online operators, there are developers with less than trustworthy reputation, due to the fact that some of their dealers were caught in a cheating scandal. In a very well documented case online, the dealer of a relatively unknown live casino games provider was caught “under-dealing” a card in a round of blackjack, which sparked the outrage of the online gambling community as a whole. Although this was an isolated incident, it affected the trust players had even for those live dealer providers that have a spotless reputation. Although this happened many years ago, the backlash of the incident is still felt by the industry today.

Some Free Online Casino Games Are Modified to Be More Generous

It’s no secret that the majority of free games featured in an online casino may be modified to behave a bit more generous to the player. Many people have noticed this contrast when switching to real money gambling, which is why they are left with the impression that the games themselves might be rigged. It is known that free games are made to act this way, so they can attract the player to start playing for real cash; however, this is considered to be advertising at its finest. Modifying games that do not require the use of real money isn’t considered illegal, and this is something that many players falsely assume to be the case of a “cheating casino”.

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It Is Nearly Impossible for Online Casinos to Cheat Their Players

Due to the fact that the outcome of all games in an online casino is based on the RNG algorithm to which they have no access to, there is no possible way for an online casino to influence the outcome of any game. Furthermore, the gaming software present in a specific casino is leased from the game developing companies, which undergo rigorous audits regularly by third party administrations, to make sure that they present truly random results. There is a bigger chance that an online casino would delay the payout of winnings rather than try to cheat its players out of a particular game result – which is why people who claim to have participated in a “rigged” game was actually nothing more than a streak of bad luck.

Are online casino sites rigged?
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