Top online casinos that accept deposits with American Express

Although American Express cards (also known as AMEX) have been out in the industry for more than half a century, they aren’t always accepted when it comes to making a deposit in an online casino. Although this financial services provider is facing major competition in the faces of Visa and Mastercard, American Express continues to be among the most used credit/debit cards by casino players from the USA. This is why today, we will list casinos that will happily accept any deposits made with an AMEX card.

Play OJO Makes Number One in our list

Play OJO not only accepts American Express but is also one of the most exemplary online casinos in the industry. Not only will players find more than 1,000 games here, but also a slew of bonus offers with the most favourable terms and conditions. The casino offers full mobile support, with downloadable apps for Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as for Windows-based computers.

This online venue is the most licensed one in our list – OJO is not only licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, but also by the Malta Gambling Authority. As an upstanding gambling venue, Play OJO provides constant support to its casino members. One of the best features of OJO is that the majority of its bonuses do not have any wagering requirements!

Sloto Cash Casino Supports Many Methods

This online gambling establishment is known as one of the very few ones that accept American Express deposits, and also support cryptocurrency banking options such as Bitcoin. The casino boasts approximately 200 gaming titles, but it is the bonus program that makes it stand out among many others available online.

The Bovada Casino Offers Many Bonuses

In addition to American Express being one of four deposit methods supported here, Bovada is also a venue that supports cryptocurrency banking. The Bovada promotions campaign is known to include an extensive VIP program. The casino utilizes modern SSL encryption technology to protect the personal and banking details of its customers, so players can be sure that any deposits they make with their American Express cards are going to be safe.

A Licensed Gambling Platform by Drake Casino

Licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao, Drake Casino accepts American Express cards; however, only for deposit purposes. We should mention that this online gambling establishment offers one of the largest tier-based VIP programs, with 12 levels in total. With approximately 300 gaming titles in its roster, Drake is one of the most preferred venues in our list.

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How to Deposit and Withdraw in Online Casino Sites?

The Processes – How to Deposit and Withdraw in Online Casino Sites?

Putting money into an online casino account is as easy as shopping online – that is, if you prefer to use a credit or debit card for it. There are many other methods which a casino member can use to fund their account, or withdrawing winnings for it. Depending on the used banking option, this may happen swiftly or take some time. We will explain how the entire process works, along with any minor caveats they might have.

Available Online Casino Payment Methods

The most used online payment method used after credit and debit cards are e-wallets. Online service providers such as NETELLER, Skrill, and PayPal, facilitate online payments by allowing their customers to transfer money from their banks to their e-wallets. Approximately 80% of online casinos worldwide, still utilize the classic “direct bank transfer “, as it is considered to be the safest financial transfer method.

A few years ago, there were only a handful of casinos that could support deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency – today, there are many others. While Bitcoin continues to be the most famous supported crypto, there are online gambling establishments that accept Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and others. While casinos use cards, e-wallets, wire transfers, and cryptocurrency, some even support checks and prepaid vouchers!

Funding Your Account – How it Happens

Every available online casino on the Internet has almost an identical process when it comes to depositing. Once a member has logged into their account, they navigate to the “cashier” section. The available banking options will be located in the “deposit” category. Once they have chosen a method and have inputted their desired amount, they will proceed to a “cash-out” section, where they will confirm their deposit order and provide their banking information. Players that choose e-wallets and credit/debit cards will see their deposit arrive in their account in a manner of minutes!

The Process Of Withdrawal

Similarly to the way deposits are made, casino members must navigate to the “Withdrawal” section via the “Cashier” category. The person would then choose a banking method, and input the amount of money they would like to have transferred to a desired bank account. The differences here stem from the fact that online casinos might support a lot of deposit methods, but when it comes to cashing out, not all of them use the convenience of e-wallets and Bitcoin. E-wallet withdrawals are considered to be almost instantaneous after the “payment processing procedure” has been completed by the casino’s financial department.
Bank wire transfers, on the other hand, may take up to a few weeks!

Some Payment Methods Apply to Specific Jurisdictions

In most cases, some banking methods aren’t going to be made available by a government’s legal system. Jurisdictional regulation of online casino services “goes hand in hand” with the banking sector, and this is why one of the most limited methods out there are e-wallets. The decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin is also one that’s not widely accepted by the casino industry. So far, only three types of payment methods have proven to be somewhat universal – Visa, Mastercard, and bank wire.

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The most winning casino games

The online casino industry is an entity the scale of which is mainly measured by two things – the number of players and the number of games. Even today, people are trying different games in hopes of finding a title that will example a “low-loss, high reward” behaviour. Although most online casino titles are considered to be quite balanced, there are some that will have better odds than others, which will make them appear as they are the most winning casino games.

Determining the Theoretical Generosity of a Game Depends on a Few Factors

The “house edge” is a theoretical percentage that shows the inherent advantage of a casino’s game. Single-digit percentages are considered to be normal in the industry. Almost every game has a “return to player” rate (RTP) which is the theoretical calculation of a player’s winnings, over the specific course of time. Having said that, the general rule of thumb states that the most winning online casino games are those that have the smallest house edge and the highest RTP rate.

Blackjack Is an Excellent Example

When it comes to a low house edge, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Blackjack is at the top of our list. Industry experts speculate that with the use of a proper betting and playing strategy, players can bring down the house edge down to 0.72%, which is incredibly low. Although the outcome of every draw statistically pre-determines the final result for the player, Blackjack is a type of game that can somewhat be affected by the player’s decisions.

Winning Games With an “Unaffected” Outcome

Slots are the most favoured and played casino games in the world, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that the second feature in our list will be a particular slot title called “Goblin’s Cave”. Produced by the company Playtech, this slot game is said to have an RTP rate of 99.32%, making it the best-paying slot game in online casino history. It is worthy of mentioning that the majority of online slots have an average RTP rate of 91-95%, which makes any game with an RTP of 99% and up to be an example of the most winning games in online casino history.

Are online casino sites rigged?

French Roulette Is Considered to Be Profitable by Many

When it comes to comparing roulette table layouts, the French and European types look nearly identical. And while the European version of the game has an approximate 2.7% house edge, in French roulette, it is 1.35%. The reason for this, are the rules that apply to the “0” pocket. We all know that a ball falling in the zero pocket usually means a losing bet, however in French roulette, players that have placed a wager on an “even” number will receive half of the bet’s amount if the ball lands on zero. It is because of that, not many casinos offer French roulette in their gaming rosters.

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Are online casino sites rigged?

Since the concept of gambling was created, both the hosts and players have tried to figure out a way to gain an unfair advantage over one another. While there are countless cases where fraud was committed on the grounds of land-based casinos, with the introduction of online gambling, both the players and operators managed to function in a significantly more secure environment. Today we examine whether or not online casino sites are rigged and also a few of the cases that have allowed either the operator or a player to gain a temporary advantage via unsanctioned means.

Exploiting Bugs in the Software

When it comes to online gambling, it is the players themselves that are most likely to try and cheat the casino than the other way around. Some time ago, there were cases where people would try to find a flaw in a specific game, that allowed them to influence the outcome – this was done by implementing a specific sequence of betting patterns that made the game behave in a much more generous manner. A significant amount of time has passed since then, and both online casinos and software developers have learned from such mistakes – this is why there haven’t been any such cases for the past few years.

Less Than Reputable Live Dealer Providers

Live casino service giants such as Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are renowned for having proper relationships with the industry and online operators, there are developers with less than trustworthy reputation, due to the fact that some of their dealers were caught in a cheating scandal. In a very well documented case online, the dealer of a relatively unknown live casino games provider was caught “under-dealing” a card in a round of blackjack, which sparked the outrage of the online gambling community as a whole. Although this was an isolated incident, it affected the trust players had even for those live dealer providers that have a spotless reputation. Although this happened many years ago, the backlash of the incident is still felt by the industry today.

Some Free Online Casino Games Are Modified to Be More Generous

It’s no secret that the majority of free games featured in an online casino may be modified to behave a bit more generous to the player. Many people have noticed this contrast when switching to real money gambling, which is why they are left with the impression that the games themselves might be rigged. It is known that free games are made to act this way, so they can attract the player to start playing for real cash; however, this is considered to be advertising at its finest. Modifying games that do not require the use of real money isn’t considered illegal, and this is something that many players falsely assume to be the case of a “cheating casino”.

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