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It is possible to contribute to the development of the Directory at three different levels:

1) As you register, you will be able to add comments to any of the reviews. You can alert us to any factual errors. You may also like to offer an alternative evaluation of the film, or suggest links where we may find additional images or film clips.

2) To offer your own reviews of films or directors, you will need to let our editorial team see some samples of your work. Please send an email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your portfolio, and one of our editors will get back to you. Your registration will then be upgraded to Author status.

3) To edit a volume of the directory, please download the Proposal Form from here.

Notes for potential editors:

We are not expecting each printed volume to be a comprehensive directory of all films. Rather, each volume will include the editor’s selection of significant films from their own perspective. We suggest a synopsis and critique of about 300 films in each volume. Using the pre-print database as a source for content/contributors, the editor will select the films/content to be included in the print volume and the online PDFs.

As directors play a major part in their own right, we would like to include a short biography and a short critique of a set of directors, as a chapter within each volume. Content for these can again be sourced from the pre-print database. In the database, each Director entry will include:

Alternate Name(s)
Date of Birth
Nationality / place of Birth
Place of Residence
Contact / Agent
Publicity / Links
Other info (including famous partnerships, movements, quotes, books. Shorts, TV etc)
Bio (500 -1000 words)
Review (1000 -1500 words)

Each editor will be able to decide on the balance between the number of directors and films they include in their volume. Special features on actors, scriptwriters, etc. may also be appropriate. Again, the content can be gathered from the pre-print database.

It may also be appropriate to include (in another chapter), very short (150 word) biographies and contact details for all the contributing authors, as a kind of reward for their work. We shall also send each contributor a free copy of the printed volume in return for their work.

Each editor will also be able to decide on which genres to include as chapter titles. The British Council’s film classifications include: Action/Thriller, Animation, Children’s, Comedy, Disabilities, Documentary, Drama, Environment, Experimental, Gay and Lesbian, Historical Drama, Horror, Human Rights, Musicals/ Dance, Romance, Science, Science Fiction, Sport, Urban. Each editor is free to choose the title of the genre chapters most suited to their volume, but should mention that their Chapter X includes some of these genres combined.

As each genre will form a chapter of each volume of the directory, it may be possible to select an editorial team, with each member responsible for a genre chapter. They could each write a short essay about that genre in the region, and also perhaps nominate one film as a good example of that genre, to get a higher level of coverage.

Each volume of the directory will have an introductory essay, but it may also be appropriate to have a film and a director featured as best representative of that region’s cinema in that year, via a more prominent introductory (longer) review as well.

A resources section at the back of the volume, with index, reading lists, festivals, websites, quiz, etc. may also be included.

Our intention is to build a directory of the academic evaluation of cinema (rather than a popular fan commentary). As such, we need to make sure that the peer review and copyediting of published material are of a high standard. Peer review will be the responsibility of the editor, while copyediting will be the responsibility of Intellect staff.