Alanna Donaldson

Username: AlannaDonaldson


Demon Woman (Onibaba) - 1966 (Author of review)
Zatôichi (Zatôichi) - 2003 (Author of review)
Black Cat (Kurokeno (Yabu no Naka no Kuroneko)) - 1968 (Author of review)
Tales of Moonlight and Rain (Ugetsu Monogatari) - 1953 (Author of review)
Drunken Angel (Yoidore Tenshi) - 1948 (Author of review)
Rashômon (Rashômon) - 1950 (Author of review)
Woman in the Dunes (Suna No Onna) - 1964 (Author of review)
Throne of Blood (Kumonosu jô) - 1957 (Author of review)
Floating Weeds (Ukogusa) - 1959 (Author of review)
Ran - 1985 (Author of review)

Alanna Donaldson studied Film at the universities of Bath and Bristol and has written reviews for Bath Film Festival and Imagine Animation magazine. She currently works as part of the journals team at Intellect Books.